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To grow your online business, you need to use content marketing, which is a subset of digital marketing.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not content marketing is worth it for your company, consider a few of the perks listed below.

First, a monetary chat

There’s a good reason why more than 85% of the total marketers across the world are relying on content marketing to boost revenue. It has been shown that buyers often interact with 11+ pieces of material before making a purchase decision. In addition, research shows that up to 80% of visitors never click on any sponsored adverts and instead only look at organic results. Today, just 11% of a company’s marketing expenditure goes into digital advertising, while 13% goes toward content marketing. Growth of these figures is predicted to continue over the next few years.

Contrary to popular belief, the cost of content marketing is 62% lower than that of outbound marketing.

The fact that content marketing generates three times the amount of leads as outbound advertising makes this figure even more remarkable.

Since this is the case, 44.7% of marketers produce 5 or more pieces of content each week.

Customer-Attracting Content Marketing Varieties

Most internet clients may be attracted through infographics, blogs, and videos. In comparison to reading an article, consumers spend 30 times more time looking at an infographic, and they are also 3 times more inclined to post an infographic. Infographics increase search volume by 45% compared to other content formats.

71% of internet marketers in 2017 used this type of material in their social media campaigns. A study found that articles containing relevant photos received 94 percent more views than those without.

Images, memes, and graphics are the most probable forms of online content that I will share with my friends. People prefer visuals over text because of the immediate response they provide.

Did you realize that every day, as many as two million new block prices are released, with 30% being entirely composed of lists? Blogs are utilized by 59% of businesses for advertising purposes, while 78% of blog users regularly provide content related to their businesses.

A large percentage of marketers (45%) think that blog is the single most significant content strategy for growing their company. There are typically around 1,050 words in a blog post, and posts that include photos receive up to 94% more pageviews.

Videos are a great example of a sort of material that shouldn’t be overlooked since they increase the likelihood of landing on the initial page of Google search results by a factor of 50. Viewing a video increases a user’s conversion rate by an estimated 1.81 percentage points. One reason why 96% of B2B companies use videos in their marketing is because using a video as content may improve organic traffic from search engines by as much as 157%.

With 62% of businesses reporting a rise in organic traffic thanks to the incorporation of videos into their content marketing strategies, it’s safe to assume that 2017 will see a significant growth in the prevalence of video in both online and offline channels.

Some Suggestions for Spreading the Word About Your Content

Getting your advertised material in front of potential customers is just as crucial as making sure it’s good. Email and social media marketing are two of the most widely used strategies for spreading the word about your marketing material.

Marketers all across the globe agree that email is the best channel for distributing promotional information. In a world where 204 million emails are exchanged every minute, it’s no surprise that electronic mail is the preferred method of distribution for 93% of marketers. In terms of bringing in new business, email continues to be 40 times more successful than platforms like Facebook and Twitter as of 2017. Seventy percent of customers say emails are the best medium for receiving advertisements.

The same is true for email; using the term “video” in the subject line increases the likelihood that the message will be opened by 19 percent, just as it does for blog posts and other forms of content. You should expect a 26% drop in subscriptions and a 65% increase in bounce rates from using this approach.

If you want to promote your content marketing and bring in new customers, email isn’t your only option. It’s no surprise that 79% of businesses have employed this type of promotion for their online marketing, given that one-third of the world’s population now routinely utilizes social media networks.

Videos (23%) photos (22%) and promotions and discounts (18%) are the top three sorts of content that will help your business the most if shared throughout social media. In 2017, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were the top four social media sites for content marketing.

65% original material, 25% curated content, and 10% syndicated content make up the ideal content marketing mix. Two times as many people will remember your brand if you use branded content as if you only used display advertisements. Finally, keep in mind that visual content provides the highest interaction rates across all social media platforms and email newsletters. It goes as saying that high-quality material is what people value the most, therefore putting forth original, interesting content should be your first priority.

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