Top 7 Social Media Auditing Tools

You can learn a lot about your audience and how they interact with your company through a social media audit. You can get a clearer picture of how your brand does across different social media platforms, and you can spot any glaring holes.

If you’re wondering why you should do a social media audit, read on.

By conducting an audit of your social media profiles, you may find out what is currently being done and where improvements are needed. You may gain insight into the current situation and the future you envision by following these steps. If you want to make better business judgements about your future campaigns, conducting a social media audit is a good first step.

In order to do a social media audit, you’ll need access to software that can dissect your profiles in great detail. Check out the resources we’ve compiled that offer helpful analytical insights for enhancing your social media campaigns.


We may be partial, but because this is our weblog, we’ll highlight Unmetric.

Unmetric is an AI-driven, brand-centric social media intelligence platform that provides access to actionable social data for businesses.

This includes coming up with more interesting material, solidifying your social media strategy, and automating boring but necessary activities like reporting.

It has a variety of tools that simplify social media auditing and improve the quality of your profile reviews.

  • Top-level engagement indicators, such as the amount of likes, shares, and comments on your posts, are provided so that you may track growth or decline from one year to the next.
  • Examine the rise or fall in your number of followers over the last year by comparing the data to the same period in the prior years.
  • See how your content stacks up against the competition in terms of interaction, reach, and other metrics, and gain insight into what works in your sector.
  • Similarly, agencies may use Unmetric in new business proposals and company development to aid customers in keeping up with the competition and identifying areas that need improvement.

Watch this video to see how the Red Socks Company used Unmetric to see what other companies were doing for Lost Sock Day and then utilise that information to launch a successful marketing campaign.

2. Two Criticisms

Media monitoring has never been easier than with Critical Mention. Critical Mention allows you to monitor your brand’s social media presence, research market trends, and learn about consumer opinions. This resource is helpful for generating a standard set of metrics to use in future social media audits, such as your engagement score, the amount of hits to your social page, the number of followers you’ve obtained, and so on.

3. The Third Cure

When doing a social media audit, content analysis is a crucial component to examine. With its many useful features, Curalate guarantees high-quality content outcomes, reduces bounce rates, and boosts conversions. You may make any media in your social feeds shoppable by using the tool’s showroom function.
You may use this function to centralise all of your content and make it shoppable by labelling it with relevant goods.

4. Snaplytics

Businesses have jumped on the story-posting bandwagon on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. When it comes to managing your Instagram and Snapchat stories, Snaplytics is a must-have. Snaplytics enables its users to produce and disseminate information, track its performance, and draw actionable conclusions.

5. Fifth, Trendspottr

The internet never stops working. Social media is always churning forth new trends that businesses must quickly adapt to in order to stay competitive. That’s why you need Trendspottr; it can tell you ahead of time what will be popular and who will be influential. It sifts through data from news, events, social media issues, and more to help you anticipate problems and seize opportunities.

6. Kompyte

Only your rivals are stable in the ever-shifting social media world. Engagement rates are important, but they shouldn’t be the only metric you use to evaluate the quality and success of your content and campaigns. Kompyte is an all-inclusive app that monitors your rivals’ websites, goods, and digital campaigns for any updates. If your competition lowers their pricing or adds a new feature, you will be notified immediately. As part of your social media audit, this may help you determine whether or not there is something lacking from your marketing approach and whether or not you are keeping up with the competition.

7. Referrals in the Media

Keeping an eye on the topics that matter to your organisation requires active participation, and monitoring your social media activities may help you do just that. You can quickly and simply monitor the sentiment surrounding you, your brand, a new product, or any other topic throughout the social media landscape with the help of Social Mention. You can utilise this information to adjust your content strategy and head off any potential crises by doing a social media audit and learning more about the context in which your brand is being discussed.


You can maintain control of your online image and improve the efficacy of your social media platforms by conducting regular audits. The aforementioned resources are here to assist you in doing just that and more. You may decide which of these tools will best improve your social media presence based on your specific goals and available resources.

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