The One True Formula for the Perfect Social Video

Video material has quickly become the norm on social networking sites. You may learn everything from how to make the perfect omurice to how to increase your number of followers by watching videos on the site. Anything.

However, the benefit is accompanied by a drawback, as it becomes increasingly difficult for your own social films to stand out from the crowd.

Videos in 4K quality, produced with professional software so that you can make out minute details in each individual part, aren’t what we’re talking about when we talk about social videos; we’re talking about amusing and enlightening ones. In the end, what matters most is the calibre of your message and the information you provide. That’s hardly a picnic in the park by any stretch of the imagination.

To give you an edge in the competition for views, we’ve compiled a list of guidelines to keep in mind when you’re making your social media videos.

In your opinion, what elements constitute the ideal social media video?

It’s usually helpful to have a firm grasp of what “great” social videos are before diving into the nuts and bolts of the ultimate guidelines.

Best practises for video marketing might be found on checklists. However, we have limited ourselves to the absolute necessities. Here are some of the characteristics of a successful social media video that can hook viewers from the get-go.

They provide narratives

In case you haven’t noticed already, every single video that goes viral on social media offers a tale meant to make its viewers feel something.

You know you’ve connected with your users when you’ve elicited an emotional response from them, whether it be inspiration, motivation, joy, or even sadness. As a result, they have no qualms about spreading the film over their various social media channels.

Audiences are discussed

Those days of companies boasting about their superior qualities are long gone. The user is the focal point of every good social media video. It recognises their problems and is able to provide the answers they need.

Short and to the point

In just a few minutes, a successful social video may capture the attention of its audience and tell an interesting tale. Users on modern social media platforms are notoriously choosy, quickly moving on to the next piece of material that catches their eye.

Also, each video only has so much time on most social networking sites. That’s why the best social videos are succinct and to the point.

They’re not selling

Keep in mind that customers have always despised being marketed to. Nobody anticipates being singled out by businesses competing for their interest.

Since this is the case, even when great social videos don’t sell, they can still bring in more leads. They just want to give people what they want, which is interesting and useful information, so they’ll remain around.

Guidelines for making excellent online videos

You now have the knowledge to differentiate high-quality social videos for your brand from the rest.

Brainstorm some creative solutions

It bears emphasising that the quality of the material is what really important in social videos, as we’ve noted previously. There’s a never-ending supply of material, so you’ll need to think creatively to stand apart.

Creating new material is difficult in and of itself, let alone when you have to do it on a daily basis. In this situation, you can adopt the most recent fad and improve upon it by incorporating your own ideas.

Think about your platform

It’s true that not every social networking site is the same. They may have certain things in common, but each platform has its own peculiarities that you’ll need to take into account while making movies. Their demographics and personal tastes also vary widely.

Facebook is better suited for longer-form material, such as videos, while Twitter is better suited for shorter videos. On the other hand, Instagram Stories are great for sharing fast how-tos or other behind-the-scenes footage. The trick is to tailor your material to the specific needs of each social media network.

A powerful introduction is the first step

You can’t “save the best for last” when it comes to making a great social media video. Keep in mind that social media users have a short attention span. Users are often bored, so it’s important to capture their attention from the get-go if you want to keep them around for the duration.

Your video may get people interested right away by having a powerful introduction. A user-grabbing hook might be anything from a compelling statistic or stunning claim to a question that begs to be answered.

Videos should be adapted for mobile viewing

You may not be aware, but more than 92% of all internet users currently utilise some sort of mobile device to do some sort of online activity. This mind-boggling figure proves why optimising your social videos for mobile audiences is essential.

You should select a resolution that appears excellent even on smaller displays because not everyone is using high-quality monitors.

Here is a brief guide to making social videos that play smoothly on mobile devices:

  • Communicate openly. If you want to get your point through, don’t be scared to skip the filler.
  • Simplify your visuals. The eyes will thank you for clearing away all the extraneous visual elements.
  • Hear it without the sound. About eighty-five percent of videos on Facebook are viewed silently these days. You may help fill in the blanks with captions.
  • Make it work well with sluggish bandwidth. Make sure the file you’re using is small enough that it won’t take forever to load, even on poorer connections.
  • Verify, verify, and recheck. Before hitting “publish,” you should always verify how your films look on various devices.

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