First, Stock Photos for Specialty Articles

The number of companies making promotional videos keeps rising. As a result, there will be more people vying for the attention of your intended demographic. Therefore, an increasing number of businesses are specialising. In this way, they may reach an extremely targeted subset of their audience.

Companies pay more attention to the material they provide online, picking and choosing the best photographs from their archives before releasing them. Some of them even employ stock picture banks with well curated collections to offer unique material. One company that makes good use of this propensity is Nerd Fitness. The brand’s focus is on serious fitness enthusiasts, as opposed to the general public.

Best of Instagram Stories

The 2016 announcement of Instagram’s Stories feature was a huge event. Users quickly became comfortable sharing intimate moments that would vanish permanently after 24 hours. Normal consumers benefited greatly from this, but companies and influencers saw little benefit. Instagram has released a new feature called Stories Highlights, which is a fantastic way to compile your favourite previously published Stories and keep them live for as long as you like.

H&M makes use of Stories’ top moments. This Instagram fad is a mash-up of jeans, shirts, jackets, sweaters, and brand partnerships. Users may view the latest H&M offerings without ever leaving their Instagram feeds.

IGTV and the Explosion of Vertical Videos

Who could have predicted the success of vertical videos on social media in 2015? Nobody, that much is certain. However, it appears that Instagram’s staff can make anything popular.

There has been a complete takeover of Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, and IGTV by vertical videos ever since Instagram Stories first appeared on the scene. Have you seen that some superstars release many videos for the same song, each with a different format? You can now see why.

Creating Branded Augmented Reality Filters

2018 was the year of virtual and augmented reality. Instagram augmented reality filters are all the rage this year, and there are endless ways to put them to use.

The built-in service to make branded AR filters is live and functioning as of right now, although in a limited beta testing phase. You may still experiment with brand- and influencer-made filters.

Instagram Posts Made Just For You

Instagram, like all other social networking sites, is capitalising on the craze for customization. By analysing information about content users have engaged with in the past, the website takes into account user preferences and curates personalised feeds. Because of this, the platform can provide consumers a highly curated and tailored experience.

Surprisingly, the Instagram algorithm isn’t the only way for marketers to create personalised feeds for their followers.

John Frieda’s recent targeted advertising initiative is a shining example. The company launched the marketing initiative #ShadesofMe to learn more about the hair colour preferences of its customers. The company then developed individual movies for each customer, explaining the significance of their hair colour. If you personalise your material as well, you may expect a 20% boost in revenue.

Instagram Makes Shopping a Breeze

Back in 2017, Instagram purchases were mostly just a rumour. It’s all the rage now to add Shoppable stickers to your feed and turn it into a shopping channel. It’s premise is straightforward: give people a single click and they’ll go from inspiration to action. When customers see an item they want on Instagram, they can simply click a button to add it to their shopping cart and pay for it without leaving the app. Both retailers and their most devoted customers benefit from this trend.

Only approximately 20% of marketers use shoppable articles at the time of writing. However, more than half of marketers expect to use them in their social media efforts this year. Instagram is expanding its shopping capabilities this year to include videos posted to the platform. This suggests that in 2023, Instagram will explode in popularity, and it’s time for you to cash in.

Pictures Taken by Users

One brand that effectively use this type of material is ASOS. The company employs a user-generated content strategy (#AsSeenOnMe) to increase interaction with its brand.

The hashtag is used by ASOS customers to display their most fashionable purchases. In exchange, customers get a shot at being showcased on ASOS’s main social media accounts. Learn from ASOS’s example and create a more interactive user feed to distinguish out from businesses that only upload curated marketing photos.

Hashtags With Your Own Names

When Instagram hit 1 billion users in January of 2018, it made it extremely difficult to find individual people. That’s why they developed the Nametag function, which lets you convert your Instagram profile URL into a QR code. You may play around with different fonts, colours, GIFs, emoticons, and even selfies to create something unique. Save your followers time spent searching by linking them straight to your page with Nametags.

Instagram Patterns Set By Influencers

Nano-influencers have been shown to be credible in recent research because their endorsements come off as natural, like those of a trusted friend. Although the usage of micro- and nano-influencers may not immediately raise your brand’s profile, they will help you build stronger relationships with your current audience and attract new ones.

On Your Own

In 2023, all that matters for Instagram popularity is a well-thought-out social media content plan. It makes sense to use Instagram as part of your plan, especially since there is less rivalry in some businesses there. For instance, just 6.6% of firms in one sector are making use of Instagram for promotional purposes.

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