Increasing Instagram’s Organic Exposure Via the Power of Hashtags

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites, with more than 2 billion1 active users per month. It’s no surprise that digital marketers are always thinking of new strategies to boost their Instagram account’s organic reach.

The purpose of Instagram hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram function similarly to keywords on Google in that they allow you to reach a wider audience. They’re useful for organising material, raising profile, and establishing credibility. This argument appears to be rather convincing, but how effective is it in practise?

I have actual proof to offer this time.

Of course, hashtags may be perplexing; some people adore them while others despise them. There are Instagram users that utilise hashtags in place of whole phrases, and there are also those who never do.

I will walk you through the process of successful “hashtagging” if you are new to publishing material on Instagram or if you currently use hashtags without noticing any significant impact.

Don’t worry; you just need to know a few fundamentals to get started.

Keep reading to learn how to grow your Instagram following organically.

Promoting your Instagram posts organically in the year 2023

To what extent can one expand the Instagram following naturally? Not everyone is aware of this, despite the fact that it’s really straightforward. If you follow the instructions below, you will succeed.

To enhance your organic reach on Instagram, you need to use the correct hashtags

Avoid attempting to use the most widely used hashtags like “#love,” “#passion,” “#sport,” and so on. They cover much too much ground, and rising to the top of any of them is an extremely tough task.

The Instagram algorithm will not be forgiving of such behaviour.

With Instagram’s hashtag browser, you can view how many times a certain hashtag has been used in posts.

Instagram: How to Maximize Hashtag Exposure In general, you want your hashtags to be about medium size.

If you want to go really specific, pick ones that have been mentioned in at least 20,000 postings. Locate a certain segment of the market and fill it with original material.

Use hashtags that accurately characterise the material you’re showcasing and that will most appeal to your audience. A broad hashtag can be broken down into its component parts to create a more targeted one.

To further aid your search for related hashtags, the browser will also offer auto-generated hashtag recommendations.

Discovering the most effective hashtags can also be aided by using third-party applications like RiteTag.

Lastly, keep an eye on hashtags that are quickly becoming popular.

With the right application of these viral tags to your content, you can raise your Instagram engagement through real-time marketing and, in turn, see a surge in your site’s traffic.

Can you overuse hashtags on Instagram?

In terms of choosing how many hashtags to use, the prevailing consensus is that more is better. Nevertheless, 30 hashtags is the maximum number that may be used.

Using 30 or more hashtags in a single post might raise red flags for Instagram, which can lead to account suspension. Your Instagram post, or perhaps your entire account, might be removed.

For further security, use at least 20 hashtags. At 28, your posts will be barely below Instagram’s notorious radar.

Don’t mess up the caption!

This advice is focused on user experience. It’s common practise for Instagrammers to use hashtags in the captions of their posts. It’s distracting and has a messy look.

Fortunately, there is a workaround: simply add hashtags to your comments underneath your uploaded content.

You won’t lose any points in the rankings, and the hashtags will still function normally. Your audience will be able to provide greater attention to the article itself and its caption.

All systems go!

If you want to save some time, it’s a good idea to come up with a standard set of hashtags that everyone can use. If your material takes a variety of forms, you may find it useful to have more than one set of hashtags prepared.

As an additional note, you shouldn’t always use the same hashtags. If you constantly use the same handful of hashtags, you can be hurting their effectiveness.

Make some adjustments in light of current fashions, the time of year, the location, and anything else that could be applicable. You could also rearrange the hashtags if you wanted to.

Expert advice: assign each hashtag list its own keyboard shortcut. Then enter that key word, and a complete list will be created automatically.

Software for analysing hashtag use on Instagram

Examining the efficacy of your hashtags can help you fine-tune your strategy. Nevertheless, hashtags are not yet covered in depth by Instagram’s basic Insights feature.

If someone finds your post using the hashtag browser, it will just tell you how many people saw it. Furthermore, you can only view the analytics for a single Instagram post at a time.

To this day, content remains king.

Really, these hashtag methods will work best if your content stands out from the crowd. Superior originality in content is always most valued. My sudden rise to the top of the hashtag browser was due to the fact that I had invented a new and extremely difficult BMX stunt.

As a result, it’s important to think beyond the box while yet remaining approachable. It’s more likely that people will remark, share, and drive traffic if they can relate to what you’ve written.

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