The Complete Guide to Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a feature that only recently debuted in the middle of 2020. Instagram Reels is geared at quick, attention-grabbing films like those on TikTok. Users have greater creative freedom than with the standard Instagram feed post by adding text, music, and amusing stickers to their videos.

Starting in July 2022, short movies (less than 15 minutes) will be automatically converted into Reels when shared online. That’s why it’s critical for Instagrammers to know how Instagram Reels function, how to make them, and how to optimise them for maximum audience growth and follower engagement.

Making Instagram Highlight Videos

Instagram’s user-friendly interface makes it possible for even those who lack technological expertise to create Instagram Reels that attract new followers.

Make a Reel Plan

An Instagram Reel may be shorter than a video seen on YouTube, but it still benefits from a narrative structure that ensures viewers are engaged from start to finish. If you take the time to plan out your Reels in advance, you can ensure that each one is created with your target audience and corporate identity in mind.

Instagram Reels may be planned without the aid of any fancy planning software. Instead, you should use a notebook, whiteboard, or spreadsheet to record your thoughts. Create an outline of your Reel’s material to ensure you don’t leave out any important clips or photos.

Make a Reel

You may either use Instagram’s Reel-making tools or upload an existing video to your account to get started on your Reel. While Instagram now automatically shares films under 15 minutes in length as Reels, you can still utilise the app’s editing features to create a custom Reel before sharing it. You may also use a third-party tool to make adjustments to your Instagram Reel films before you publish them.

Tap the video button at the bottom of the Instagram site to access the Reel-making tools. Click the camera icon to start the video. You may start and stop recording by tapping the record button. There’s also the option of tapping and holding the record button, releasing your finger when you’re ready to stop recording.

Modify your reel with effects and edits

You may personalise your Reel in a variety of ways by selecting from available templates, effects, text, music/sounds, and more. To adjust a setting, simply press the corresponding icon on the left or right side of the Instagram Reels screen. Video footage, for instance, may be sped up, slowed down, or lengthened using the timer function.

Publish Your Demo Reel

The next step is to publish your completed Instagram Reel. Select “Next” to go to the Reel configuration screen. A caption and/or hashtags can be added here. The next step is to choose a platform on which to share your Reel. You have the option of only sharing your Reel on the Reels tab or on the Feed as well. You can opt to trim the thumbnail so it fits properly in your feed if you decide to share it.

You may also change the name of your audio recording, add a location, and tag other accounts before you publish. All of these extras are completely discretionary, but they could help your Instagram Reels get more views.

Click “Share” to upload your Reel after you’re done.

What You Need to Know to Create Viral Instagram Videos

Now that you know how to go about creating an Instagram Reel, I’ll go over some pointers for making your Reel stand out.

Keep up with the Times

Instagrammers, like their counterparts on other social networks, set and follow fashions. If you can find a popular trend to model your material after, you may increase its chances of becoming viral.

Browse your Instagram feed or see what suggestions pop up on the Explore page to find the latest Reels trends. Tap the video symbol at the bottom of your screen to get to the Reels Explore page. Check out the most watched Reels on Netflix to get an idea of what viewers are looking for. Seek out anything that jumps out in your feed that Reels are using frequently at the moment, such as a song or challenge.

Embed Hashtags

Hashtags are not just useful for photos on Instagram, but also for Instagram Reels. Your Reel will appear in the results of Instagram users’ hashtag searches. To further improve your Reel’s exposure, Instagram analyses your hashtags to determine what “categories” it best fits into.

Check your feed for hot hashtags and include those that apply to your post’s caption. You should also consider including related hashtags, like as #dogtraining for a Reel showcasing a dog trick.

Get Your Reels Into Your Stream

Instagram gives you the option to upload a Reel you’ve made to both your feed and the Reels section of your profile. If you want more people to see it, you may boost profile visibility by making it visible in feeds. This will make it visible to anybody who views your profile without having to click on the Reels menu item.

Having your Reels in both places will increase the likelihood that they will be promoted to more viewers.

Put up Videos Frequently

Maintaining a regular posting schedule is essential to the success of both Instagram in-feed posts and Instagram Reels. Posting Instagram Reels may be done in any way you choose. Simply maintain a regular routine and keep your audience in mind.

Many industry professionals agree that publishing Reels between four and seven times weekly is optimal. However, if you can only produce three high-quality Reels every week, then send them out on those certain days. Include them often in your content schedule to make creating and sharing Reels second nature.

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