The 7-Step Process for Hosting an Instagram Takeover

Hosting an Instagram takeover is one of the most efficient (and often free) methods to increase your brand’s audience size among the various options available for promoting your business on the site.

A takeover on Instagram is what?

Instagram takeovers are a novel kind of marketing in which you provide another user temporary access to your account (for a day or more). The host introduces themself and continues to provide updates for the duration of the show. The Instagram account being taken over might belong to a company, an employee, an influencer, or a subject matter expert.

Takeovers are a great way to boost interaction and exposure on Instagram. They provide a fresh angle on your company that readers will appreciate. They may also boost brand awareness by highlighting your company’s best features to current and potential consumers.

Just how do Instagram “takeovers” function?

An Instagram takeover involves inviting a visitor to act as the account’s curator for a certain period of time, often a day but sometimes longer. They create and publish their own material on your page. If the thought of a takeover gives you the willies, don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the process (including how to avoid potential pitfalls) and give you some pointers to make sure the takeover goes off without a hitch.

What ways may businesses benefit via Insta “takeovers?”

Takeovers on Instagram are a cutting-edge promotion strategy. One of the numerous advantages they provide to businesses is the possibility of forming partnerships with influential people or content producers whose work resonates with the target demographic.

Some of the best things about taking over someone else’s Instagram account are:

capacity to connect with a wider group of people

One way to expand your reach is to have a popular influencer take over your account. Instagram Stories or posts from influencers will alert their followers to the takeover and invite them to follow you there. Some of the guest host’s followers are bound to follow you and engage with your content when you take over their Instagram account. This gain may last long after the takeover itself has ended.

Possibility of increasing reliability and trustworthiness

Building credibility with a guest host’s audience is facilitated by forming a partnership with them. Because of this collaboration, your firm will be taken seriously by those who were previously unaware of it. People are more likely to follow the advice of their peers if they see it mentioned frequently. If an influential person endorses your product on their own page and their followers see it, you have a better chance of gaining the confidence of those people.

If the insider you’re interacting with is an expert in your field, or even just an employee, you’ll gain credibility with your own following.

Your post and account interaction has increased.

Instagram takeovers are an engaging strategy for gaining more likes, comments, and shares for your content. You may expect increased engagement on Instagram in the form of likes, comments, and shares if you team up with someone who already has a sizable and dedicated following. Because Instagram’s algorithm rewards posts with high engagement, this can also help improve your reach.

An insider’s view of how your company operates

Instagram takeovers are a great way to show your audience how your company works. They aid in presenting a genuine facet of your organisation and can shine a spotlight on your firm’s culture, goods, or services.

Take the hypothetical case of a bakeshop owner. One of your pastry chefs may take over your Instagram and show customers how to prepare your best-selling sweets.

That means more business for you.

Instagram takeovers not only increase brand awareness and engagement, but also drive more customers to your store. A takeover by an influential person might help spread the word about a new product or service.

Use the link in bio features on both your and your guest host’s Instagram accounts to direct your fans to your website. Hashtags can also be used to facilitate dissemination and discovery (this is discussed in further detail below).

A call to action for your Instagram takeover

Now that your takeover is set to go live, it’s time to get the word out on Instagram and elsewhere. You may increase awareness of the Instagram takeover and build anticipation for the material to come by doing this.

The night before: Promote the takeover with teasers on Instagram and other platforms. Inform your followers by sending them an email. Ask the guest host to make a post informing their audience that they are now being taken over. Put up a notice on your website informing people of the takeover.

Create an Instagram post or Story on the day of the takeover to promote the event and introduce the host. The takeover hashtag must be used. This content may be shared with the guest host’s audience as well.

Sprout is an Instagram takeover tool.

Instagram takeovers are a potent tool for brands to diversify their content, boost engagement, and expand their audience. Sprout is the best app for organizing, carrying out, and analysing an Instagram takeover. Sprout makes it simple to analyse the reach, popularity, and activity of your posts, hashtags, and followers.

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