Instagram Dimensions and Size Guide for Stories (2023)

Get the lowdown on the optimal Instagram Story dimensions, how to implement them, and tried-and-true Instagram Story methods that are sure to boost your audience engagement.

The Instagram Stories are defined as.

Followers and profile visitors may view Instagram Stories, which are 15-second video, for up to 24 hours. You can add movies, photographs, stickers, audio, text, and effects to your Instagram Story.

Instagram Stories allows for video uploads of up to 60 seconds, albeit each such video will be split into four 15-second Stories.

Tips & Tricks for Your Instagram Story

The following are some more suggestions for making the most of Instagram Stories:

Make use of voting and query stamps

Including polls and questions in your Instagram Stories is a great way to boost interaction with your posts.

Making a poll, quiz, or survey is as easy as making a Story and adding the appropriate sticker. To create a question and possible responses for a quiz or poll, just follow the on-screen prompts.

Post your highlights and feed entries as “Stories”

You may get more views on your Instagram Reels and feed posts by reposting them as Stories.

In instance, when you share reels as stories, you give your audience twice the entertainment value. The user has the option of seeing the abbreviated version on the Story or the complete version by clicking “View Reel.”

Make use of the Instagram Story elements that aren’t available on Reels, like as surveys and clickable link stickers.

If you want more people to interact with your material or your curated Reels of popular Instagram users, do this.

Third, Make Photo-Stories

Create photo tales using “spare” materials stored on your smartphone or in a cloud-based media archive, and then share them with the world.

Social media marketers that are short on time will like the convenience of photo dumps on Instagram Stories and in the main feed. They’re simple to produce, keep viewers interested, and reveal something about the company’s character to the outside world.

Here’s a short refresher on how to create a picture dump on Instagram Story if you’re unfamiliar with the feature:

  • Choose many images to display as slideshow. When selecting a photo for your Instagram Story, touch the “Select” button and then tap each of the photos you wish to include. When creating an Instagram Story, up to ten photographs can be used.
  • Stick the picture on the wall. Add numerous images to a single Story slide by clicking and dragging the “Gallery” sticker. With this, you may supplement your Instagram Story with a second image.
  • Make a photo collage. When making a Story, use the Layout tab to insert several images into a single slide. You may also create your collage outside of Instagram and then upload it there.

Promote on both Instagram Stories and your regular feed

Share your other social media campaigns’ material in your Instagram Stories, and vice versa.

Instagram Stories are a great way to promote your account to those who already follow you. However, they are not as successful in attracting new viewers.

Share your Instagram Story with the world by tapping the share icon within the app.

A link to an Instagram Story can be sent through email or instant messaging app; posted on LinkedIn or Facebook; or distributed via any number of other content distribution networks. In turn, you may publish anything from blog entries to tweetable quotations on Instagram Stories.

Markets with experience know how to use Instagram Story and even upload YouTube videos. You may either link to your video on YouTube or download it and re-upload it to Instagram.

Add some flavour to your profile by highlighting your Story.

You may use the Story features on your profile to organise information into themed collections, such as Frequently Asked Questions, upcoming events, new product launches, and so on.

Fifth, make advantage of user-created material

You may increase your credibility by promoting user-generated content (UGC) on Instagram Stories. This includes things like customer reviews, testimonials, comments, and posts that mention your company.

In this regard, Vista Social provides three helpful resources:

The Vista Social dashboard allows you to set up a social listener to monitor user-generated content (UGC) by keyword. Search for your company name or product names as a keyword to find mentions.
Audit the administration: Accumulate feedback from sites like TrustPilot, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and OpenTable, among others. Take screenshots of testimonials and share them as user-generated content (UGC) or comment to them in Vista Social.
Hashtag bulk import and posting: Incorporate hashtags into your content scraping and use the “bulk publish” function. You may also find Instagram posts from certain individuals and save them to a queue for later use.

Six, use popular music in your Story to make it easier to find.

Use popular music or sound effects to make your Instagram Stories more discoverable and interesting to viewers.

Vista Social’s publisher can help you discover new and popular audio content.

When making a new Story, select “Pick sound” from the video’s options menu (the three dots) in the thumbnail.

What if I still can’t see well on my Instagram Story?

Follow these steps if your high-resolution, square Instagram Story still doesn’t look great:

Verify your phone’s settings to see if there is a data-saving option you can disable. If you see a decline in quality, try turning it off and reloading your Story.

Vista Social allows you to publish high-quality Instagram stories.

One of the many components of successful Instagram marketing is publishing high-quality Instagram Stories.

For long-term success, you must maintain a regular cadence of publication.

Keep your fans engaged with Vista Social’s automated Story creation. Utilize everything at your disposal to boost user engagement, from trending audio to social media monitoring to review administration and beyond.

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