Instagram Now Shows Full-Screen Reels on Its Home Feed

Instagram is evolving into a service “where video is a bigger part of the home experience,” with “more immersive” content that “takes up more of the screen” and “recommendations” making up a higher percentage of the Feed.

The new Instagram interface emphasises recommended Reels material on the app’s new main Feed, which is a huge difference from the previous version.

How does this affect your content plan, then? In order for your content to be offered as a Reel to your intended audience, marketers should plan to produce more vertical videos (Tik-Tok-style full-screen).

What Brands and Agencies Can Expect from Instagram’s New Home Feed
If you want your Instagram content to reach the correct demographics and scale engagement, you need to include Reels into your plan (or stop avoiding stepping behind the camera).

Instagram’s 7 Reels of Advice for Businesses and Ad Agencies

  • Create a vertical video: Make sure your Reels are as engaging as possible on mobile using 9:16.
  • Lacking watermarks: Don’t upload Reels that clearly stole content from another programme.
  • Create a cover image by using a programme like Canva, Photoshop, or Illustrator if you have access to such a service. However, they don’t need extensive planning! Instagram Stories also allows for the addition of text, which can be exported to the camera roll and subsequently uploaded to Reels.
  • Relax and stop worrying: Don’t be so harsh on yourself if one of your Reels doesn’t perform well. No one can say for sure what will become a viral hit. Be enthusiastic, and your audience will join in the merriment.
  • Identify with your target market: Make sure your material engaging to your intended audience. Viewers of your Reel should be able to say, “that’s so me,” indicating that you’re on the correct route.
  • Participate in the discussion by informing your audience of any updates made to Instagram and offering advice on how to make the most of them. Your audience cares most about hearing about whatever is currently popular in your field.
  • Share: Give, give, give! When your Reel is done, link to it from your Stories. If you have other social media accounts, you may use that link to post your Reel elsewhere as well.

Reposting Instagram Highlights: 4 Easy Steps

  • Before you make a post, be sure you have the account owner’s approval. Attempt something like this sample: “Dude, I totally dig this video. Publish it on our social media if you please! The video’s commentary and credits will include your name. Please let me know.
  • Instead than using an app to share your Instagram Reel, download it here. Downloading a Reel may be done in a few different methods, but our team has found that applications are increasingly unable to do it. We recommend, but you can simply just Google “Instagram Reel Downloader” and find many more options.
  • Modify the Cover Image. Make a custom cover photo using the company’s colours. Keep in mind that the algorithm will punish watermarks and trademarks, therefore one solution is to use your brand colour as the cover photo backdrop.
  • Make Changes to the Reel on a Different Website. This isn’t always necessary, but if you’re noticing that the reshared Reels receiving much attention, you might want to give it a shot. Canva, InShot, Splice, Beatleap, and Videoleap are just few examples of useful tools.

To recap, you may still reshare a Reel, but success will depend on selecting one that speaks to your brand’s ideal customer. Not everyone will find the same things amusing or familiar that you did.

In order to find relevant Instagram Reels to repost, you may use the Instagram search feature. If you provide business coaching for writers, for instance, just put “writers” into the search bar. Reels will appear in the first three cells of the search grid preview; from there, you may browse to discover the best match.

Reels’ engagement numbers is another area that marketers should investigate. If a Reel only gets 30–50 views, you shouldn’t republish it. Target Reels that have 5,000 or more views, as even a little decline in that number will still result in thousands of new views. especially since the new Instagram Feed gives preference to vertical videos that fill the whole screen.

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