Instagram for Business: Starting Your Own Company

It’s a thrilling adventure to start a new company. You labour diligently behind the scenes, and then you reveal your brand to the public.

And yet, you insist on constantly bringing it up in conversation.

However, when you initially share your content, very few people will appreciate it. No one responds to your post. Moreover, no one is interested in checking out your website. Just how is that possible?

Insta posts require more than just a nice picture and a click of the publish button. To attract customers, grow your fan base, and get people talking about your brand, you need to use a number of methods.

An overview of getting your small company up and running on Instagram is provided here. The following are some suggestions to help you get going.

Make Your Instagram Profile Stand Out

An effective Instagram profile conveys the necessary information in as few words as feasible. There is no one “correct” method to make an Instagram profile, but these tips can help you get started:


When introducing a firm to the world, a profile picture with the corporate logo is the way to go. Doing so aids in creating a more memorable brand name.


The link in your bio should direct them to your main website so they can learn more about you and your business. This is crucial for expanding your customer base, attracting more visitors to your site, and boosting your company’s reputation.

Account name:

Your Instagram handle should be your company’s name, structured similarly to how your logo and website address are named. The uniformity of the brand’s presentation across mediums is maintained in this way.


It’s recommended that you use the same name for both your Instagram account and your company. It’s important to keep in mind that Instagram handles cannot contain any spaces, and therefore you should try to avoid using complicated string of numbers or symbols as a handle.


You should utilise this space to create a few attention-grabbing sentences. Explain what it is you do in simple terms, exaggerate the benefits of your services or website, or coin a catchy phrase. Many companies now utilise emojis and hashtags that speak to their brand and values to provide a more engaging summary of what they do.

Get More Likes and Followers on Instagram

Instagram has a monthly user base of more than a billion people. That’s one person out of every eight who can see your profile and interact with your business.

Make your Instagram page the destination if you want people to come see it. Add in news about the firm, sales, new products, and contests. All of these factors have the potential to raise interest in and traffic to your website.

Instagram is a great medium for visual storytelling, and you can use your blog, email list, and other social media to attract an audience and showcase your work (to name a few). More effort put into ad campaign will result in greater exposure for your Instagram page.

Keep in mind that it will take time to create a large (and active) following, but you may speed up the process by taking advantage of every chance to promote your social media pages.

Raise Interest in Your Product Before It’s Released

One of the easiest strategies to enhance interaction and guarantee that your launch announcement has an impact is to build a following before launching your business on Instagram.

Typically, companies will make launch announcements a week or so before the actual launch date. If you want people to be psyched to see your announcement on launch day, this is a great way to get them interested in your brand in the lead up. Making a splash early on will provide greater rewards later on.

Make Ads That Will Last a Lifetime

When companies post content that consumers take issue with, 51% of them unfollow them. You can’t win over everyone, but you may appeal to their emotions and passions by designing campaigns that they remember.

Share the history of your company on Instagram. In order for a user to understand your company’s evolution and get a feel for your values, ethos, and overall brand messaging, your articles should follow a consistent storyline or theme.

Make use of hashtags when you post

There’s a reason people use hashtags on Instagram: they allow you to reach more people and maybe get more followers. To maximise your post’s reach and interaction rate, use four to five hashtags. The greatest approach to guarantee that your content reaches the people you want it to is to do some digging and identify the finest hashtags.
Making use of hashtags makes it easier for people to locate your content. The majority of their time is spent functioning as a form of internet search engine. The hashtag #cutecats, for instance, has tens of thousands of postings. To target an audience already interested in all things cat-related, you may want to try utilising the #cutecats hashtag if you offer items for cats. Like this, you may advertise your services to individuals in your neighbourhood by using hashtags that include your location.

In case you haven’t heard, hashtags are a great tool that you should be using. When launching on Instagram, hashtags are one of the most useful social tools you can use.

Communicate with Prominent Instagram Users

Interacting with people who already have a sizable online following (influencers) is one of the quickest methods to grow your own Instagram following. The credibility of your Instagram profile will skyrocket if you take the time to interact with influencers and build relationships with them so that they will scream you out.

In today’s digital age, there are countless opportunities to network with people who have power in your field. Like, comment, and share their social media postings to get the ball rolling. A notification will be sent to them every time you perform this action. They’ll be more inclined to respond when they get used to seeing your comments.

Developing meaningful relationships with influential people takes time, but the payoff in the form of lasting business partnerships is well worth the effort if you approach the process naturally and remain patient.

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