Instagram bots: what are they and should you use one?

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram has become one of the largest and most powerful social media networks. Several companies are turning to automated solutions in their hunt for new methods to expand the fan base and increase engagement.

The use of Instagram bots is a widely used cheat. Gaining new followers quickly with bots on Instagram may sound appealing, but there are significant risks involved that many users are unaware of.

Instagram bots: how they function?

How often have you submitted a photo or video on Instagram, only to receive comments that looked off-topic or fake? That’s because it’s quite possible that they weren’t actually created by humans and were instead generated by some sort of programme. The main functions of Instagram bots are to:

  • Posting comments and likes
  • Connecting with and separating from other people via following and unfollowing
  • Responses that are liked
  • Intimate communication

Bots are designed to help you get a larger following and more interactions on Instagram, but they may be be doing more damage than good.

The perils of employing Instagram bots

Using common Instagram comment spam bots might be dangerous for two primary reasons:

Instagram bots remove all humanity from your profile.
When you utilise an Instagram bot, you risk having your account shadowbanned for violating Instagram’s terms of service.
In terms of dehumanisation, Instagram bot accounts are typically set up to remark under posts based on a certain hashtag, and these comments are typically very generic or utterly off-topic and irrelevant. The result might be a wave of discomfort or even inappropriate remarks that damage the company’s image. Most Instagram bot comments stand out immediately. The comments all seem to have the same sentiment: “Excellent material!” Don’t forget to look into us!

Another, and probably more compelling, argument against the usage of bots is that they are in violation of Instagram’s Rules of Service since they use Instagram’s API without authorization.

You may only use Instagram’s official API to interact with the service.
Don’t save Instagram passwords in a cache.
You may not use the Instagram API for displaying User Content, importing or backing up material, or managing Instagram connections without our explicit consent.
Make sure that your responses are unique to each person.
Do not use Instagram for unsolicited advertising or spam.
Stop businesses from performing several actions at once on Instagram.
Don’t make’s servers unstable or interfere with the functionality of other applications that utilise the Instagram APIs by consuming an excessive amount of bandwidth.
You don’t want to risk getting shadowbanned from Instagram if you use Instagram bots that break the rules of the platform. If you’ve been shadowbanned, your posts won’t show up in the hashtag browser and your organic reach will drop off a cliff. Avoid getting banned by using caution.

The best practises for increasing your Instagram following and participation rate

Even while it’s best to avoid using bots, it doesn’t mean there aren’t legitimate ways to increase your Instagram follower count and interaction. Even without breaking the platform’s rules, there are still several methods that can be quite useful, especially in the long run.

Start making use of specific hashtags

Utilizing hashtags effectively may increase your organic reach by a factor of 20. Finding appropriate hashtags that are both relevant to your content and brand’s identity and not “too popular” is all that’s required. To clarify, I recommend employing hashtags that have been used in at least a few thousand posts. Stay under a million, as it becomes quite difficult to rise to the top of the hashtag browser results while competing with such massive hashtags. Instagram’s built-in hashtag browser lets you see how frequently a certain hashtag was used in posts. You may also get suggestions for hashtags to use from the hashtag browser if you’re stuck for ideas.

Give your feedback

In a short amount of time, you may increase interaction with your postings just by responding to comments. In addition, this method might initiate genuine discussions beneath your material, which in turn can increase your exposure. Resolving comments is a terrific approach to demonstrate to your followers and customers that you value and appreciate their input.

When we have to moderate several Instagram profiles, or when we have a lot of social traffic and comments coming in from all directions, social media moderation may be a pain.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories provides several options for user participation. Stickers allow you to poll your audience about their thoughts on a variety of topics (such as a new product) by posing and answering questions and starting lines of discussion. It’s possible to use hashtags in your Stories exactly as you would in your feed, and they’ll show up in the relevant section of the hashtag browser.

Add in some geotagging

Using location tags in your posts and Stories is another easy approach to boost your organic reach. This is of utmost significance for locally-based, small-business owners. Instagram users may locate you using both the hashtag browser and the location browser.

Make something completely new

Keep in mind that content is still what drives engagement. If you want your Instagram advice to be effective, you need to make stuff that no one else has. If you’re stuck for inspiration, take a look at how your rivals are using Instagram for their business and draw ideas from that.

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