How to use TikTok Marketing in 2021

Probably you heard that TikTok is the fastest growing platform in social media. TikTok has 800 million active users in the world. According to the research, 41% of TikTok users are between 16 to 24. 

Having only been around in its current form since late 2018, it’s very early days TikTok has been much popular in the world. When there may be significant changes to come in the future, here are the possible ways a brand can use the app for marketing:

1. Create a TikTok profile:

TikTok is considered the best low-budget marketing; it provides a profile, makes videos, and produces and builds the audience. The ultimate aim for every marketer is to promote their brand on TikTok. From this, the brand reaches more audiences. However, there’s fine art for making videos and attracting viewers. 

TikTok users don’t use this app to watch TikTok commercials. Therefore, any brand allowed to be involved in a good grasp on any type of content that’s popular to start an account on TikTok. 

2. Working with Popular Influencers:

Working with relevant TikTok influencers helps to integrate your growth in front of the competitors. This app influences your product in between spending thousands of TikTok commercials and trying to produce your content! This is what all the industries have started doing, from established brands like Petco and Elf Cosmeticsto smaller entrepreneurs who want to promote a single product.

However, you can’t add the clickable URLs in your TikTok video captions, and it’s not always easy to direct traffic to your websites from these videos. You will try to work with influencers linked to your store by adding the profile or the video comment section, but you could imagine that including these additional steps to reduce follow through.

3. Shoppable Videos on TikTok:

You may have heard about the shoppable videos being available on TikTok. It is a new brand option that is presently tested by some TikTok influencers, yet now it’s been applicable on TikTok’s sister app – Doujin for some time. The feature and shoppable posts look like Instagram, but these shoppable videos will allow the users to attach a URL to their TikTok advertising videos. Thus, users connect their store on a single link. 

It doesn’t matter which advertising options on TikTok appeal to you, and you will need a relevant and creative advertisement to create an impact. With most TikTok users having spent a lot of time on the internet, they realize when it enters advertising and doesn’t want to watch it. But it doesn’t mean they are necessarily opposed to advertising when it just needs to be fit. 

So what is the perfect way to advertise the brand on TikTok? Use the TikTok app and know the unique features & culture.

4, Hashtag Challenges

This hashtag challenge is a high-level concept task to be built by one TikTok user to other users. It can be encouraged to use the post and get the result using the branded or trendy hashtag. A user can create a hashtag and make a challenge, though whether others join in and it spreads is not guaranteed.

When brands provide for hashtag challenges, their challenges are promoted for a few days and usually accompanied by a microsite where viewers can buy the brand’s products inside of TikTok. For instance, chain Kroger did the hashtag challenge while running the #TransformUrDorm hashtag, during the back to the school shopping season.

5. Dance Challenges

Music is the special one by helping to create content on TikTok. Considering the popular TikTok music, the dance challenges look like a no-brainer. These are shared when the dance creator chooses any trending or a specific song and recreates it with your style. The dance may be elaborate, or it may be played in a complicated way. 

For example, The GitUp challenge where viewers dance within a certain routine to Blanco Brown’s song with the name. Although Brown & his team didn’t create the challenge – the handwork of Harvey Bass  to make the videos following the hashtag #thegitup. It received more than 157M views and the effect was Brown’s song gets 127 million streams on Spotify.

The above-mentioned tips help to improve your engagement rate on TikTok. In case, you want to get instant likes, views, followers, you can buy TikTok likes cheap for your videos. It will increase the chance to make your videos more popular and get instant reach. 

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