How To Use Guest Posting In Link Building?

Because organizations that supply intriguing services or products are more likely to get talked about and discussed by bloggers and internet journalists, link development can be more challenging for businesses that sell more ordinary services or products. Rather than writing about a local vehicle insurance provider, for instance, it could be more fascinating to write about a company that offers guided road cycling vacations across Europe’s most historic and romantic places.

But even if your business is in a boring industry like auto insurance, you still need links to rank well in Google. Don’t worry; guest blogging is one link building tactic that may be used in any field.

Just how does linking through guest posting work?

In essence, sites that allow guest posts are exchanging content for backlinks. When you contribute articles or blog entries to a publication for free, the host will often let you include a link to your own site in the author profile.

The advantages of guest writing extend beyond just link building

Increasing your company’s visibility by introducing it to new customers.
Establishing yourself or a member of your team as an authority on a specific topic
Referral traffic is a great way to expand your audience.
But for the sake of this piece, we’ll zero in on using guest posts to increase backlinks.

Learn Where to Look for Blog Guest Posting Invitations

These days, it is possible to hire a guest posting service that will take care of everything for you, from coming up with an idea to writing the piece to submitting it to a website that will publish it. The good news is that you can conduct guest blogging on your own if you have the time. So, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to find possibilities for guest writing.

Where to Look for Qualified Guest Posting Opportunities

There is a difference between guest posting possibilities. The next stage, after discovering websites that welcome guest posts, is to evaluate them to determine which are most likely to provide a positive return on your investment of time and effort in creating the content you plan to submit. Many variables go into my evaluation of a possible guest posting opportunity, including:

Can you add a backlink to your site on theirs?

The answer to this question is priceless. It is common practice for websites that accept guest posts to include a policy page where they detail whether or not links are permitted and how many can be included in an article. They should be eliminated from consideration if they prohibit links to external websites.

Have you considered using anchor text links based on keywords?

In order to connect to your website, some publishers require a specific format, such as In most cases, this information can be found on the guest blogging policy page. If you’re not sure, look at the links and bios of other guest bloggers to get a sense of what’s acceptable and what isn’t. You should focus on creating links with keyword-rich anchor text rather than a hyperlinked URL for search engine optimization.

Do Google’s archives still include blog posts from the past?

As articles on numerous websites age and go deeper into the site’s archive, they get removed from Google’s search index. When this occurs, the SEO worth of links on those pages is diminished. Find a few guest posts that are six months to a year old, copy the URL, and enter it into the Google search box. Does this reveal any indexation issues? Can you find them when you type the URLs into Google? If it doesn’t, you can cross that location off your list.

Successfully Publishing a Guest Post

Your article’s publication marks the completion of your guest blogging journey. Once you’ve identified appropriate sites to submit your guest essay to, you can get in touch with the site’s owner and send them a copy of your article. Due to the hectic nature of most websites’ editorial schedules, it may be a while before your guest post goes live after it has been accepted. Your guest post should go online after you have emailed the editor a thank you message. Establishing rapport with the editor in this way will increase the likelihood that you will be invited to contribute to the site again in the future.

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