How To Gain Instagram Following With User-Generated Content?

Do you ever find yourself perusing a company’s Instagram account and wondering how they manage to attract so many followers and where they find such high-quality photographs to post?

That’s probably something you think frequently too, if you’re anything like me.
Gorgeous photographs, a massive following, and fantastic engagement from our audience—these are the holy grails of social media marketing for anyone in charge of an Instagram or other social media account.

That’s why I spent hours poring over Instagram profiles, reading up on how to attract a big following, talking to social media managers in various fields, and trying out a few strategies on my own. I kept coming across one Instagram tactic that many popular firms seemed to favour above all others.

That tactic is called “user generated content” (UGC) implementation

I decided to experiment with user-generated content (UGC) on Buffer and was blown away by the outcomes. Our Instagram following has increased from 5,850 to 9,400 in just over three months thanks to a user-generated content initiative.

Here’s a cheat sheet on user-generated content to help you develop your own strategy and attract and engage more Instagram users.

The definition of UGC

There is a wide variety of forms that user-generated material can take. Many successful Instagram businesses are experimenting with user-generated content, whether it’s in the form of simple photo sharing, photo contests, or product or company evaluations.

To simplify, UGC refers to brands showcasing the greatest user material from across the web on their own social media or other platforms while giving proper credit to the original source (user).

The Value of User-Generated Content to Corporations

Brands benefit in two ways from user-generated content. The first is catering to the emerging “socially-dependent generations” that are only now becoming a huge spending force, and the second is fostering a thriving community by providing material that your audience adores.
Making a Thriving and Active Neighbourhood

Brands may now have genuine one-on-one interactions with their target audiences because to the prevalence of social media platforms. Brands can gain something that their own material might be lacking by utilising UGC because it allows actual people to share their experiences.

As a result, brands find themselves in the enviable position of guiding customers safely through their experiences.

Marketing startup Crowdtap and global research firm Ipsos found that UGC is trusted by Millennials and other generations more than any other kind of media by a margin of 50%. User-generated material is authentically interesting since its creators have no agenda beyond contributing to the online dialogue.

Adjusting to “Socially-Dependent Generations”

The Millennial generation, now including those in their late teens to early 30s, will have more disposable income than any previous cohort by 2017. The findings of two research are particularly intriguing:

According to a survey, 84% of Millennials say that user-generated material on corporate websites influences their purchasing decisions. Additionally, 43% of consumers are more likely to try a new product after hearing positive feedback about it on social media or from friends and family.
The impact of user-generated content on the ability to sway consumer behaviour via social media and other digital channels is substantial.

How to Run a Successful User-Generated Content Marketing Effort?

Awesome! You have concluded that user-generated content (UGC) is the best way to enhance your Instagram following, sales, and overall social media engagement.

The question now becomes, “Where do you begin?”

Find Your Niche in Society

User-generated content’s greatest strength is the creative potential it offers. Because of this, you should consider how you want it to represent your business before doing anything else. Naturally, this can and will evolve as you learn more about what your target demographic enjoys.

Look for the Best Material

There are two frequent myths regarding UGC: (1) that material is difficult to find, and (2) that only brands with extensive resources can effectively leverage UGC marketing. Even if you’re a one-person social media army, I hope you’ll give UGC a try.

I propose two approaches for accumulating high-quality user-generated material. Social media contests and freebies are one method, while actively searching for individuals in your space with the help of hashtags and a few other social media tools is another.

Using Social Media Tools to Find User-Generated Content

User-generated content projects can need several weeks or months to achieve traction. Your account size may be too small, or your users may be unfamiliar with the hashtag or contest, meaning they are less likely to engage with it by tagging their friends.

This is where the power of social media and traditional methods of communication really shine!

Searching with hashtags is the quickest way to locate interesting user-generated material that you might want to share. It’s likely that whatever you can think of has already been used as a hashtag. Once you’ve settled on your campaign’s target audience and goal, it’s time to start thinking of hashtags.

Distributing Work Created by Users

Finding relevant material is as easy as contacting the owner and requesting them to take part in your campaign once you’ve used the aforementioned methods. You can reach out to them by DM on Instagram, a comment on their post, email, Twitter, or Facebook; any method that puts you in touch with them will suffice.

Instagram direct messages and emails have proven to be the most effective means of communication for me.

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